Edvaldo Luiz Alvares
Vado do Cachimbo

Plastic Artist

1963 – Born in Penápolis, São Paulo state, at Saint Helena farm.

1977 – Worked for “Mercedez Benz do Brasil” up to 1987, where he played different roles: from a single helper to car stylist;

1982 – Worked for “APAPPSP” (a professional plastic artists association in São Paulo). He did several works wit groups of artists nearby São Paulo, focusing on environmental aspects, urban and social subjects;

He joined the Art Brut Group, also in São Paulo, with Maurício Villaça and Hudnilson Jr among others;

1984 – Started to study at “Belas Artes de São Paulo” college;
• Art Brut Group merge itself with Alex Valauri graffiti;
• Live Art at “Praça Matriz” in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo city, Brazil.
• Several signs and symbols got spread in São Paulo;
• Made the Organizing Committee for the first Plastic Artists Exposition of Mercedes Benz do Brasil;
• Juri member for the Second Drawing Contest of Mercedes Benz do Brasil;
1985 – Teaches Artistic Art in public schools in São Paulo
• Develop graffiti work on the streets in SP at night;
1986 – Invited to participate in “Domingo no Paço” event at children day – SBC – SP;
• Worked for TV Cultura, created the graffiti brand for “Boca Livre” program – opening attraction;
1987 – Invited to participate of National Bienal of São Paulo “A Trama do Gosto”;
• First graffiti work at the hole of Paulista street;
• Participate on scenario execution for the theather show “A Rainha do Frango Assado”, created by Alex Vallauri

1988 – Worked at development área for graffiti projects on TV channels;
- Starts the first graffited night house “Graffiti Drinks” – SCS – SP
- Organized the graffiti project for the skate court in SBC
1990 – Travelled to Italy, where he did graffiti expositions.
- Author and Organizer of the project “São Caetano tells its History in Graffiti, with Jorge Tavares and others;
1991 – Coordinated the workshop of “Arte Graffiti”at “Núcleo Henfil” in SBC – SP
- Organized the Street Museum of the first century of Rudge Ramos – SBC – SP
- Presides de organization committee for the I Salão de Artres Plásticas de SBC – SP
- Created and executed the cover and illustrations in the Book “ABC do Rap” – SBC – SP
- Created and executed the cover and illustrations in the Book "Livrespaço" magazine nº06 Alpharrabio Livraria S/A – SP
- Coordinated a bakery in Campinas: "Canaã Pães e Doces"
- Created and executed "Bolos Exóticos e Eróticos Grafitados" - Campinas -SP

1993 – Executed the scenario for the TV program “Victor Mairã” – Campinas - SP
1997 – Developed project to “re-urbanize” the cities - SP
2003 – Graffiti at “Buraco da Av.Paulista Project SP Capital Grafitti” – SP.
- Cultural repórter for the program TV ABC3 “Circuito Cultural” Canbras TVA StºAndré – SP.
- Painting Panel “Latinidade” SESC – Stº André – SP.
- Participated on the 5th Bienal of Architecture and Design with stained glass "Fragmentos da Sé"

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